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My Previous Hi-Rail Layout

If you have been following this blog, then you saw how my toy train layouts evolved from smallish to large.  Now I am posting pics of how the large toy train layout evolved into a large hi-rail layout.  This hi-rail layout was torn down by me last May and I have been working steadily to rebuild a new and different hi-rail American Flyer layout.  Here are the pics of that previous hi-rail layout:

Some serious mountain building!

I experimented with bird cage litter as ballast.  Fair results, at best.

Still firmly into my DC phase with conventional block control.

I think you can see that there are elements of a toy train layout and elements of a hi-rail layout.

Here are some of the ('niff, 'niff) final pics of that hi-rail layout.  The quality isn't too good, but you can see what I was aiming for...

Here are a couple videos of my previous hi-rail layout in it's final stages:

I hope you have enjoyed the "story" I tried to tell this holiday season.  On Monday, I will resume building my current hi-rail Flyer layout.  I hope to complete this project within the next 6 weeks!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Largest Toy Train Layout I Ever Had

When I bought a train room with a house over top of it, I decided to build a large toy train layout.  This one was the last toy train layout I ever built.  This later became the basis of my first hi-rail layout.

This was the 12X32 table I built

Notice the use of Erector bridges and cut-down vintage switches

Here is an articulated loco I made and an old Comet I repainted to New Haven.  Here is the link to YouTube for a short video of the steamer running.
Dual smoking smoke stacks!  

Notice the unique way I used trestles; up on risers for more clearance and one trestle per pair of metal ties as track joints and one trestle per tie in the middle.  I liked the look and OBTW, I achieved a 2% grade!  That mountain was my first attempt to build one.  It was large, but portable.

Repainted 355 Baldwins into Seaboards.

 I built that Circus Set from an old Royal Blue and various cars that I repainted and decaled.

Here is a long Erector ramp

Again, I used risers to fill in all the track ties with trestles.  I think I used 4 sets of trestles to make the up and down ramps plus about 30 high trestle sections.

My high trestle sections.

Those are G gauge power packs.  This was my DC phase.  It later turned into DCC.  Now I am full-circle, back to unaltered vintage.

I had so much junk, I decided to display it!

I built that crossing and it worked quite well!

You might have noticed from some of the pics that this basement was initially wide open.  I later dropped a long wall to completely enclose it into my train room.


Yet Another Old Layout of Mine

I'm still on a holiday break from building my Flyer RR.  I thought you might like to see some pics of an old layout I had in a former house.  On this layout, I am just starting to teach myself how to construct scenery.

I think the colors looked pretty nice.

Notice the repainted New Haven set.

AHA!  An Erector Bridge!

It wasn't a real big layout, but it sure was fun!

Look at the unusual use of Erector Set parts to make a ramp!

Repainted Branford Diner.

A fleet of repaints- including Royal Blue coaches.